New Zealand is a beautiful island nation in the Pacific Ocean. It is not only known for its beautiful landscape and nature, but also for its open-minded people and nice villages. On our homepage we will introduce you to facts on seafood from New Zealand, as well as inform you on recent news related to New Zealand’s seafood. Enjoy!

New Zealand cuisine in general

New Zealand’s cuisine is usually seasonal, local, and as natural as possible. Since many villages and towns are close to the sea, seafood is naturally a main ingredient in New Zealand cuisine. Maori Hangi is a typical food which is cooked in a hangi, consisting usually of pork, chicken, or mutton with vegetables. Other typical foods are fish and chips, sweet potatoes, roast lamb and the famous ‘Kiwi Burger’. A burger with beetroot, egg, and meat or cheese.

New Zealand Seafood

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting by the seaside in one of New Zealand’s cosiest places and eating their famous seafood, with such delicacies as crayfish or lobster readily available. Many fishermen in New Zealand fish this specialty themselves, and for visitors it is an absolute must. Another tasty seafood is the Kina, a special kind of sea urchin which apparently tastes fabulously good. To try the dish called Whitebait Fritters you need to be brave. These immature fish look like small spaghetti with eyes, and are a delicacy on the West Coast of New Zealand. The sea snail Paua is another seafood which is considered tasty and healthy.