If you are visiting Auckland as a guest, a student or even if you live there, and are seeking something new, we have put together a list of seafood dishes in the Auckland region that you absolutely must try:

  • Ostro has a gourmet seafood platter that features ceviche, various shellfish, prawns, oysters, mussels, as well as clams and some bread to soak it all up. Don’t let the suggestion of it being for two people discourage you from conquering it solo
  • Turbot sliders from Depot are known by all of the locals, it is a must try that you certainly won’t regret
  • MASU has some great cod that is marinated in saikyo miso and yuzu and grilled to absolute perfection. You may not be able to pronounce its name, but we promise you’ll love to eat it
  • Cibo is your one-stop shop for anything crunchy. The crispy skinned fish is the right mixture of, melt in your mouth and crunch, and the pea salad it comes with, pairs exceptionally well
  • Harbourside is full of endless seafood options, but we have a straight up satisfaction guarantee on the prawn mac and cheese which has a delicious, creamy crayfish béchamel as its trusty sidekick
  • The Crab Shack serves.. well, you guessed it, copious amounts of crab. Don’t miss their King Crab which weighs nearly 1kg, and swims in a sea of garlic butter that is almost as vast as the ocean it came from
  • We have yet to give you anywhere to go for paella, and what would a Kiwi seafood list be without it. SPQR has the best chorizo paella, your taste buds are sure to thank you.
  • Wait, we forgot another staple Kiwi dish! Fish tacos of course. Is there anything better than fresh fish tacos? Hit up FishSmith for spicy and savoury fish tacos, that are sure to rock your world.