Some of New Zealand’s best seafood dishes include:

  • Crayfish; if you want the best crayfish that New Zealand has to offer, check out Kaikoura. The catch of the day here is always tasty and fresh, and it is worth trying a seafood BBQ. There is a restaurant called Kaikoura Seafood BBQ which is on the beach, and hosts hundreds of visitors every day
  • Whitebait; South Island is the best place to find whitebait. These fish are highly sought after and in high demand. There are several great places to stop at, especially if you are travelling south, where the fish is the freshest
  • King Salmon; did you know that New Zealand is actually responsible for over 50% of the entire world’s production of king salmon? Also, are you aware that king salmon actually offers the highest amount of Omega-3s, making it one of the most nutritional species in New Zealand? We highly recommend trying the Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon, because it comes from 677 meters above sea level, making it not only some of the tastiest fish, but it’s also from the highest farm in the entire world
  • Green Lipped Mussels; the dark green shell of these mussels make them simple to distinguish. These are easy to get anywhere in New Zealand, but they mostly come from Marlborough (this is where over 80% of the production comes from)
  • Pāua; this is a local delicacy. It is most commonly enjoyed when it is chopped up, minced and cooked into a fritter. If you are visiting, or you lack the culinary skills to make one yourself, try it at nearly any (or every, if you like them enough!) fish and chips shop in the country
  • Scallops; these are another local favourite. From October to March is the best time to try scallops as they are at their freshest. There is even an annual Scallop Festival.