Community Is Key to Fishery Management

News has it that the paua fishery industry is pioneering local fisheries management. This effort is designed to achieve sustainability in the Chatham Islands Fishery, which is the country’s largest producer of fish. Approximately 900 tonnes of fish are harvested in New Zealand annually, almost a third of it is collected in the PauaMAC4 region. The leaders, and the local community, unanimously agreed to put in place an array of fishing strategies to manage the marine resources. According to the paua group chairman, engaging the community is an effective way of managing fisheries for sustainability.

On average, the Chatham Island-based fishery has been making between $40 and $60 million in export in the past 10 years annually. However, this fishery has been experiencing challenges from some external factors. The main problems include gradual oceanic acidification, land and marine pollution, and competition for coastal space. They are also unable to adequately control recreational fishing in the region, as it is not accounted for most of the time.

Embracing a Remedy for Seafood

Many less educated folks are being incorporated into the leadership of a fishery. Those who did not make it in classes, tend to practice fishing at a tender age, and so, they do possess prowess, experience and knowledge of this sector. They are determined and maintain a strong work ethic, that makes them stand out in this field. However, there is a significant problem

since these fishermen are only good at fishing, and can’t market properly.

Other than empowering the community, involving fishermen in fishery management, ensure that harmony and peace exist. It also reduces coastal encroachment problems and human versus marine wildlife conflict. This has positively impacted the Chatham Island fishing ground, as sustainability of marine resources is assured. Creation of awareness has been made easier through this arrangement since fellow fishermen can spread the gospel of sustainability to their peers effectively.