Gold Tip: A New Addition to New Zealand’s Seafood

The New Zealand seas have, for a long time, been a source of world-acclaimed foods. Both plant and animal life produce foods loved by the masses, for their nutrition and delicacy appeal. So much so, that the Chinese are now tripping over themselves to get a piece of the New Zealand golden sea cucumber.

And now, Wild Catch, a New Zealand company in the business of harvesting wild sea cucumbers from the sea, is more than ready to make a killing with this new opportunity. The company is looking to export the gold-coloured marine animals to China, with a specific bias in favour of the high-end clientele. They are also seeking to have the sea cucumber species receive certification as organic.

Wild Catch CEO, James Parfitt, says the species discovered in recent months, has proved a hit with Chinese tourists seeking to sell it back in their country. The authentic colour of the sea cucumber known as Gold Tip, and the spiky nature of its covering, have been major selling points, says Parfitt.

The company will export the sea cucumber on a wholesale basis and leave it to the buyers in China to resell.

In preparation for the planned export, Wild Catch dispatched a full-time fishing boat into the sea to scour for Gold Tip stocks. The ship is fitted with a processing plant, where the harvested sea cucumbers are processed within half an hour of being collected. This is done to maintain their original quality.

This new business avenue is another plus in New Zealand’s seafood sector, which has had many milestones in recent times. It comes at a time when the sustainability of seafood harvesting in the country, has received a nod from vetting authorities.

Seafood business looks like a venture that can propel the New Zealand economy forward; it is a good thing that the country is embracing it sustainably.