New Zealand: Best Restaurants for Seafood

New Zealand is worth a visit. Not only because of its stunning nature and friendly people, but also because of its tasty traditional food. We will introduce you to some of the best, and most famous, seafood restaurants in this country. Whether you visit Cambridge, Auckland or Wellington, you will definitely find a good restaurant wherever you go. Enjoy!

Onyx Cambridge

A real gem among Cambridge’s restaurants; the Onyx Cambridge. This beautiful restaurant serves typical local food and seafood. Tasty seafood dishes include eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, fish and chips, and tiger prawns.

Cambridge stands for high-quality food, says the BBC, as well.

The Boatshed Karapiro

The Boatshed Karapiro is also located in Cambridge. This restaurant, with its beautiful garden, is frequently used for weddings. Asian prawns smoked salmon with pickled vegetables, and fresh salmon is served here.

FISH Restaurant

This fish restaurant serves seafood with a great view of the ocean. No matter where you sit, the view over the harbour is fantastic! The FISH Restaurant is located at the Hilton Hotel in Auckland. The menu is well balanced, and healthy. The restaurant also serves a lot of vegetarian food. Seafood dishes include caviar, tiger shrimps, crayfish, chilli crab, storm shell clams, salmon, toothfish and many more.


The Ortega is located in Wellington, which is known for its high food culture which is undoubtedly noticeable; you will find excellent restaurants on every corner. One of them is the Ortega, a fish shack and bar. The cosy restaurant stands for ‘love of food, wine and good times around the table’. The Ortega serves daily menus or set menus. Food includes kingfish ceviche, scampi, fish boudin, prawn and crayfish. These tasty plates of seafood are served with excellent French wine.

There you have it, an introduction to the best restaurants in Auckland, Wellington and Cambridge. Enjoy your food!