New Zealand is known for its rolling hills, beautiful scenery and kind, welcoming people. People travel from far and wide to visit New Zealand every year, for various reasons, looking for activities and attractions to explore in the country. Many people visit New Zealand to try their seafood. The seafood industry is not only great for taste and people’s appetite, but also for the country’s economy. The sector plays an essential role in the nation’s economy and their GDP. The industry is worth $1.79 billion in exports alone, not to mention the internal revenue from seafood markets, restaurants and the rest of the industry. The sector employs over 10000 individuals across the country; another way in which it contributes to the economy. These individuals are responsible for hundreds of tonnes of fresh, tasty seafood.

The industry actually has representation in the form of the organization called Seafood New Zealand, which is run by some of the top professional experts, and the most brilliant minds in the field of aquatic life and preservation. These individuals work in collaboration, to continue to grow, and maintain, the seafood industry. These experts have the power to improve the quality of the industry, and how it is operated. They work towards providing the highest quality seafood with a favorable cost-benefit ratio, as well as ensuring that it continues to be and to become, sustainable.

Five sub-entities are specific to the main seafood sectors within New Zealand. These include Aquaculture New Zealand, Deepwater Group, Fisheries Inshore New Zealand, New Zealand Rock Lobster Industry Council and Paua Industry Council. This means that all five sectors are well represented, and the industry, as a whole, does not lose any of its integral sectors.

The focus is, as mentioned, seafood, that is nutritious, delicious, sustainable and responsibly farmed and caught.