Re-certification a Stamp of Confidence in Seafood Sustainability

Do you often stop to think about how sustainable your seafood source is? Well, that is unlikely to be the question on your mind when you are hungry and craving your favorite prawn, but you must definitely think ‘how would life be without this?’ once you land your hands on it.

If you have had such a concern at any point, you need not worry because a study shows that current seafood harvesting practices in New Zealand are pretty safe. In September 2018, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) awarded an unconditional five-year certification extension to fisheries involved in the harvesting of three main species of concern.

The standardization program that has been functional since 2001 accredited the fisheries after an exhaustive testing process, that looks at a fisheries’ contribution towards the long-term survival of the species they are harvesting. This involves a look at the safety of harvesting equipment, the maturity of the harvested fish and efforts to propagate more generations of the sea creatures.

This really is not the concern of the consumer, but it is comfortable to consume with the knowledge that you are not a cog in a chain of destruction. Every one of us today is an environmentalist – at least those with a heart.

Seafood is a great attraction in New Zealand. in this regard, it is important that the government and all agencies concerned in its harvesting and movement keep checking to ensure that practices are done in sustainable standards. The 2018 MSC accreditation is a clear indication that none of the players has slackened in their mandate.

It thus means that seafood lovers can keep up their appetite and keep raiding the hotels with abandon. It is, of course, of an essence to keep your dietary requirements in check. The sustainability stamp is not a challenge to attempt to eat the entire sea!