New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, is a charming city bursting with incredible seafood spots serving freshwater delicacies. From small seafood bars to fine dining venues, the following guide offers some of the best places to enjoy seafood in Wellington.

Blue Island Seafoods

If there is one restaurant that knows how to cook fish to perfection using fresh ingredients, it is Blue Island Seafoods. With generous portion sizes served in a relaxed, ambient atmosphere, diners are never disappointed. Blue Island Seafoods prides itself on offering customer-friendly services.

Fish Fins

Fish Fins is an old-fashioned fish shop. If you’re looking for a classically prepared fish, and of course chips, then this is the place to go. Being a favourite for many locals, Fish Fins is always a crowded place, especially during weekends. Whether you’re going there for lunch or dinner, don’t be surprised to get an extra piece of seafood on your plate. This restaurant is renowned for its exceptional level of generosity.

The Crab Shack

As the name suggests, this restaurant is famous for seafood, particularly crab. The restaurant has an appealing coastal theme and a casual setting. Strategically located on Queens Wharf waterfront, the restaurant allows visitors to catch glimpses of the harbour. The dishes are served fresh, and they are rich in flavour to satisfy anyone seeking a tasty dinner or lunch. You can cap your meal by ordering a cocktail, wine, or beer; what a dynamic venue!

Wellington Trawling Sea Market

Looking for freshwater delicacies cooked with precision and perfection? Wellington Trawling Sea Market is the perfect place to taste just that. Since your fish can be cooked on the spot, you can decide however you want to have it, whether crumbled, baked, fried, or battered. You can also purchase fresh fish and cook it at home; the prices are customer-friendly.